Top 5 Java Skills You Need To Write Programs

One might ask, why only 5 skills, don’t they have 8 semesters in college with about 20 subjects and numerous skill-building practical classes. Well in college a computer engineering student is bombarded with irrelevant subjects, assignments, practical labs, the pressure of getting into a relationship, and what not, that they never get a chance to focus on the skills that are actually required.

Now the skills mentioned in this article are the ones that are more like mandatory requirements, or we can say possessing these skills will increase the chance of you getting a good job in the software industry. So without any delay lets start.


About 20% of the servers in the world run on Linux or one of its distros. Learning Linux is not difficult, you just have to learn and practice the commands for carrying out various operations in Linux. If you want to get into Web development, or Android development, or Software development, chances are high that these development works will require the involvement of servers, and that server can be a Linux server.

Web Development

All you need to know to create a website is HTML and CSS. Pick it up as a side project. It’s very easy to learn development and it’s a skill added to your resume. If you find it interesting, don’t stop at HTML and CSS, learn Javascript(basic stuff) and jQuery(basic stuff).

You can even buy a domain name and a shared hosting and host your own website. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it.

Anyone Programming Language – C/C or Core Java

Now we know there are many more important programming languages like Python, Php, C# etc but having a good understanding of C/C or Core Java, will increase the chances of you getting a good job, as these are always in demand because of the popularity of these languages for software building. Here I am taking both C and C as one because they are one.

Core Java is one of the hottest in-demand skill in the software industry since a decade now.


You must have knowledge about one database technology along with a good understanding of relational database concepts. I would suggest go for MySQL and learn how to perform the basic CRUD operations. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete, these are the basic operations that you must know about.

Good Communication Skills

You must have the confidence to present your skills. When we say communication skills, we are not specifically saying that you must know how to talk in English language but we cannot ignore the elephant in the room. That is also required. Because in the software industry you will get a chance to travel offshores or have client calls, so you must have a good command of the English language while at the same time speaking clearly, being audible, being confident are also the key factors.

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